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Solidarity against terrorism

Again, we have witnessed a barbarian terrorist attack on a European city: Barcelona.
City which we are very fond of! We are tied to Barcelona because we often go there to deliver the GIFT of LIFE
to one of the many hospitals in town. We were affected and astonished:
the first thought was to check if there were one or more of our volunteers.
Fortunately, there were none.

 We want to express our feeling of fondness and solidarity to the victims and the wounded and to the whole city.
This continuing perpetration of violence and death undermines our serenity and we hope it will end as soon as possible.
Our organization will always be ready to go anywhere in the world to carry and deliver the GIFT of LIFE
and bring it where someone, who is sick but confident of a better life and a world too, anxiously awaits for us.
We have been spinning the world around for many years to bring LIFE! And we strongly oppose those who want to destroy it.
We strongly hope that the authorities, as sometimes luckily happens, succeed in neutralising these barbarians.
Meanwhile, we will continue to deal with each mission with care and great sense of responsibility,
to ensure to those, who put in our work, all chances of a certain tomorrow!

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