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About us

The Operational Group for Civil Defence (NOPC) is a volunteer Organisation, established in 1993 by the enthusiasm of a group of people and their wish to be helpful to the humankind.

After the first period of activity, in 1996 NOPC was registered among the Volunteers Association credited by the Civil Defense Department of the Council of Ministers, as well as in the Tuscany Regional Register of Volunteers Associations. Since 2007 is present in the Lombardia Regional Register.

Our “mission” is to place ourselves by the side of institutional authorities in order to cooperate in carrying out services in favour of the community.
Throughout the years, working with many institutional bodies, both in emergency and in “normal” activities, we have identified as our preferred operational field the organ transplant logistics, i.e. the organization and the execution of all transports needed to the full completion of an transplant.

When a potential organ/tissue donor is detected, we are able to arrange the samples transport to laboratories where all tests will be conducted to ensure  the match between  the donor and the recipient, as well as the surgical team transfer , whom will  remove  the organ/tissues to transplant.
We also arrange single organ transports, the transport of organ samples to the labs where these sample will be  tested in order to evaluate the organs to be transplanted; the transfer of  patients whom will be transplanted under short notice.

Another facet of our mission is the management of the records of the Civil Defense events. 

When an event occurs, whether real or for exercise purpose, if the Civil Defense Organisation is involved, our Group is able to provide photo and film coverage of the most significant phases. All the documents are filed and always available to Institutions and/or other interested Associations.

For further information, please, refer to the specific section in our site.

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