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The “Nucleo Operativo Protezione Civile” (Civilian Protection Operational Group), NOPC, is an organization that renders services related to fast transport of medical équipes for human organs removals, samples of tissues to typify, blood plasma, bone marrow and other biological and medical lifesaving products as well as patients ready for transplants.

The peculiarity which our organization proposes to Hospital establishments, is a structure born to suit all problems related to the transplants’ logistic and the specific experience acquired and refined in the years even by the single operator. All services are carried out by qualified volunteers. Special requirements are handled by small teams with specific training.

Our courier services – national, international, intercontinental – are 24/7, mission accomplished in the minimum time required by the distance and travel means, no unnecessary stops.

Although NOPC is a non-profit agency, services have a cost that has to be charged on the Hospital, requiring the transport.

Our organization has its own air and land assets.

Our cars are specifically certified, in accordance with current operational and medical regulations, to transport medical teams, human organs and products. They can be equipped with active or passive refrigerators and deep freezing containers. They are fitted with lights and sound emergency devices, thus don’t need police escort or temporary clearances. Detailed attention is given to safety and comfort to ensure that the driver (and passengers) completes his travel, even the longest, in the most relaxed way.

Air travels are obtained through special agreements with commercial companies, that ensure dedicated aircrafts and helicopters. Couriers use airlines for international and intercontinental trips, with priority access onboard.

Our services have been appreciated mainly for the “anticipation and backup system” that our structure applies in setting up the transfer. That is, on one side, the capability of carefully assuming in advance all important information and clearances in order to choose the appropriate procedure, routes and means of transportation to comply with the mission. On the other side, NOPC monitors all phases and has ready possible alternate solutions to face changes, so to restore normality or to minimize the impact on foreseen time of delivery.

Couriers are in full and continuous contact with NOPC that, in turn, has access to all concerned authorities (Police, Customs, airports).

We like to underline that NOPC is basically the only organization in Italy and one of the few in Europe, able to ensure the global “Logistic Support Service” – that differs from the simple transport - to medical équipes committed to removals of human organs and to medical transportation.

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